Celebrate Summer Solstice 2024 - How to Find Fun Summer Activities Near Me?

Celebrate Summer Solstice 2024 - How to Find Fun Summer Activities Near Me?

In 2024, the longest day of the year falls on June 20th. Why not take some time out from everyday tasks to celebrate the Summer Solstice with fun warm-weather activities and excursions? Temperatures are climbing, and the sun stays out longer in the evening. Kids are out of school and looking for more things to do in the summer months.


Why Celebrate the Summer Solstice?

In some religions and cultures, this is an important holiday that involves certain rituals and celebrations. For those who simply want to start summer off with a bang, the longest day of the year is still cause for excitement. It can set the tone for the rest of the hot season.

Scientifically, it is the day when the sun touches the northern hemisphere longer due to the tilt and revolution of the Earth. Consider adding in a bit of scientific education before you get down to the fun. Do age-appropriate experiments with light and shadows or track the sunrise and sunset times to see how things change as the season continues.


Outdoor Activities Win – What Are Some Great Things to Do in the Summer?

If you are going to celebrate the sun, you need to get outside and get active. Don’t forget the sunscreen to protect your skin!

Connect with nature on this special day. Take a hike with the family and explore the green, growing things that the sun brings to life. Plant some flowers in your backyard garden. Head to the pool or local swimming hole with sun-warmed water. Try fun activities like strapping on a pair of Nattork roller skates and gliding or dancing down the pavement. The possibilities are nearly endless.


How to Find Fun Summer Activities Near Me?

If your family is part of a culture that celebrates the solstice, you undoubtedly have some organized activities to attend. If not, check out the community activity boards online or through a local youth and family center. Many schedule trips to outdoor locations, day camps, and exploratory activities in local parks or recreation areas.

In between the organized outings, however, you can still fill the longest day of the year with tons of fun with family and close friends. Organize a game of shadow tag where people try to step on another person’s shadow to make them ‘It.’ Invite roller skating fans to join the group at a park or rink. Nattork adult’s skates and children’s varieties are perfect solstice gifts that give fun and physical fitness the whole year round. Get some supplies like colorful cardstock or foam, stickers, and glue-on gems and trinkets to make sun visors at craft time.

The summer solstice offers many opportunities to celebrate the great outdoors and fun activities you can do with the whole family. From learning about the science behind the sun to roller skating down a shady park pathway, the start of the hot-weather season is just the beginning of enjoyment and excitement for all.

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