Customize Your Roller Skates with DIY Kit Accessories

No matter how cool and stylish roller skates are, crafty and creative kids will love to customize skates with unique accessories to make them all their own. Not only does this elevate and transform them into something stylish and cool, but it can also help identify their skates at the next party or roller rink adventure. Nattork is excited to announce a new line of roller skate accessories coming soon....

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  • "I do like it, they have lights" - 6 year old son

    My boy loves these things! I was on the in-line skate side of town but he pushed hard for these, no regrets Super solid build I am confident in his ankle safety. Now we just have to get some bell bottoms and a disco ball and its on.

    -- Logan C
  • Good quality skate

    These skates are made well and the grow with your child.

    -- jennifer
  • Skates on!

    Awesome product. My grandson loves them. Adjustability ensures he will enjoy these skates for several years. I would recommend these skates! Great price and a great product and a happy skater!

    -- David M Gable
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