Customize Your Roller Skates with DIY Kit Accessories

Customize Your Roller Skates with DIY Kit Accessories

No matter how cool and stylish roller skates are, crafty and creative kids will love to customize skates with unique accessories to make them all their own. Not only does this elevate and transform them into something stylish and cool, but it can also help identify their skates at the next party or roller rink adventure. Nattork is excited to announce a new line of roller skate accessories coming soon.


Top Options to Customize Skates

While you can find many things that you could attach to a pair of roller skates, some of them are not safe, and some will not stand up to the stresses of regular outdoor use. Do not risk your kids getting let down by things that fall off or fade before they have a chance to make an impression.

Kids who love hands-on, creative projects want quality accessories for everything they do. The best bet is to get a DIY kit or individual items from a brand you know and trust. Nattork Roller Skates has designed these accessories with as much vibrant color, long-lasting strength, and style as the skates themselves.


Roller Skate Chains and Charms

Combine cute with edgy style when you choose a roller skate chain to decorate the straps of your footwear. These have sturdy, secure clasps that make sure there is no risk of them falling off and getting caught in the wheels. Safety matters, but style comes a close second. The chains are decorated with colorful charms like flowers, stars, hearts, and so much more. The colors are specially chosen to match the wide array of options in the Nattork skate catalog.


Shoelace Clips

One of the most diverse roller skates accessories option are shoelace clips. Some are big, bold, and showy, while others are quite small and simply add a touch of sparkle or color to your kids’ skates. They all attach securely to the shoelaces, so you never have to worry about losing them or running them over while having fun outside or at the local rink. Imagine how cool it would be to have a fluffy monster clinging to the front of the skate, a shiny star glinting in the sunlight, or themed set of cartoon images showing off your personal sense of style.


Stylish Skate Socks

Of course, it is important to wear socks inside your roller skates in order to cushion your foot and keep things comfortable. Why not make this essential accessory stylish and creative too? Choose from a variety of colors and styles that go far beyond simple stripes or polka dots. These socks feature three-dimensional elements like googly eyes and tiny hands or pretty bows and cute dog bone designs.

Roller skating is an amazing past time for kids of all ages and adults too. Now, Nattork gives you the opportunity to get creative and show off your own personal sense of style. Our upcoming skate accessories give you amazing customization options to try and change whenever you want.

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