The Beginner’s Guide: Different Types of Roller Skates

The Beginner’s Guide: Different Types of Roller Skates

Roller skating is one of those quintessential activities that stays popular no matter how much the world advances. Although the fun, fitness, and freedom you get from this pastime does not change, the types of skates available and the technology behind them certainly does. The beginner’s guide to choosing the right type of roller skates for you can help you get on your way to an amazing new adventure.


The Beginner’s Guide to Roller Skate Varieties

They’re shoes with wheels that let you glide and zoom over any flat surface. How different can they be? You might be surprised to learn that the top roller skates near me have many options to choose from. These five main types will get you started.


1 – Casual Quad-Wheel Skates

These rollers skates have the classic silhouette of an ankle boot with four wheels, two on each side of the foot. They work well for casual skating anywhere outdoors and indoors at skating rinks and similar venues. Some are quite plain while others come in an amazing array of styles like Nattork roller skates.

The most common type of roller skates come at a variety of price points and with many different options. You can even find aftermarket parts like wheels, toe stops, new laces, and more to make your pair perfect for when you find the perfect spot to go roller skating near me.


2 – Inline Skates or Roller Blades

The boots of this style are usually much bigger and stiffer – more like ski boots. The four wheels are arranged in a straight line down the middle of the foot. They look more like ice skates and are often used for roller hockey, high speeds, and fancy maneuvers.


3 – Speed Roller Skates

Whether you like zooming around the neighborhood or want to get involved with skate racing, ones specifically built for speed will help. These specialty roller skates have low-cut boots that look more like sneakers in many cases. The materials are lightweight, and the wheels may be a bit smaller.


4 – Jam or Dancing Skates

When cool footwork is the goal, the roller skates need to be lightweight, safe, and fancy. At first glance, you can tell dance skates apart from others by their sheer style. Expect glitter, bright colors, no laces, thick, colored wheels, and a prominent toe plug for quick stops and spins.


5 – Skates for Roller Derby

This fast-paced, physical sport started way back in the 1930s, but roller derby is still popular today. While some participants use regular indoor or speed skates, others opt for a unique style and structure. These skates are built for flexibility and, above all else, protection. They often have extra padding, protective plates, and lace covers to make sure they will not trip when the competition heats up.


‘Where can I find the best roller skates near me? And, more importantly, where can I go skating near me and have a fun time? The answer to this first question is simple: Nattork Skates. The second one involves exploration! While some of the styles in this article suit indoor or outdoor venues, you can always start out on your own driveway or sidewalk.

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