Christmas Family Party Gift Exchange Games and Best Gift Ideas

Christmas Family Party Gift Exchange Games and Best Gift Ideas

Traditional Christmas gift giving methods include simple exchanges between family and friends and some presents from Santa on the morning of the 25th. This year, consider something more fun with Christmas party games and new white elephant gift exchange ideas. These are sometimes called Secret Santa exchanges, too. The matter what you and your group call it, you can make the experience more fun and pick out the best gifts for everyone on your list.

Christmas Party Games for Gift Giving

The Kris Kringle game is also called Secret Santa in other parts of the world. It consists of putting everyone’s name in a container and then drawing a new one out secretly. Some use digital list randomizers to organize everything instead. Either way, you are responsible for only buying a gift for the person whose name you draw. This can cut down on expenses and is a perfect option for friend groups, offices or other workplaces, and even large families.

Considered turning your holiday party into a treasure hunt or contest that includes Christmas or winter-themed trivia or refund clues that lead participants to their gifts. This requires more setup than the other options but can create amazing memories that people will talk about all year long.

Some groups prefer to look for white elephant gift exchange ideas. These are generally considered joke or gag gifts that do not cost a lot of money. This option is often combined with a hot potato game where wrap presents are passed around the circle until the music stops. This is more difficult to play with people of different ages as not all gifts may be suitable for everyone.

The Best Christmas Gifts for Kids This Year

Every Christmas present you buy for the children on your list should combine multiple types of benefits that they can enjoy well after the holiday season is done. Instead of a simple toy they will forget about in a week, consider something that introduces them to a brand-new hobby.

Arts and craft kits are always winners for creative kids. Make sure to buy enough supplies so they can experiment with their own projects. Outdoor play equipment is another great option. Nattork roller skates are truly a gift that keeps on giving. Are fun, cool-looking, and a great source of exercise too. Educational toys are also a good idea. How about a functional microscope, a science or technology kit, or a small programmable robot?


Bonus Tips to Make Every Gift a Surprise

If you are taking part in a Kris Kringle game this year, consider making things more exciting with unique packaging or oversized boxes. Just make sure no one will be disappointed if you hand them a high-end electronics box, for example, and they open it to find a pair of socks.

Instead, rely on fun options like multiple layers of gift wrap, festive packing ideas like popcorn, or holiday-themed clues to find the presence like a treasure hunt. This is a great idea to increase the funding for Christmas gifts for kids that they really want like a new pair of roller skates.

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