Happy National Daughters Day: Time to Bring Parents and Daughters Closer

Happy National Daughters Day: Time to Bring Parents and Daughters Closer

September 25th marks National Daughter’s Day, a time for parents to support, have fun, and make memories with their daughters. There are many options for forging stronger bonds for mothers and fathers, and what better way to do it than to have a bunch of fun at the same time?


Nattork Roller Skates

Are There Any Fun Family Activities Near Me?

Even if your area does not host organized events for National Daughter’s Day, you can still find tons of options to explore.


Top Active Ideas for Moms, Dads, and Daughters

Shared activities make wonderful memories. Outdoor activities give your family something unique and special to enjoy together. Combine important holiday things like photo-taking, favorite foods, joking around, and important talks with physical fun. Consider these options:

Roller Skating – Head to the local rink, a park with paved trails, or simply step out onto the driveway or patio with a pair of Nattork roller skates. This classic childhood activity is even greater when she can pick out her favorite color and style. From experts to beginners, roller skating offers fun that encourages everyone to work together.
Nature Hike – Explore local trails or a wildlife center to get some fresh air and talk about favorite animals or activities. You may even find organized events like scavenger hunts or GPS way-pointing to do together.
A Day on the Water – Rent a canoe, hop in a two-person kayak, or try out a paddle boat for a fun collaborative activity. September still has plenty of warm days to enjoy getting wet, although you can stay dry on a larger boat trip, too.

No matter what you choose to do, focus on your daughter(s) on this special day. Remember that the holiday is all about the parent-child bond with a specific focus on supporting girls to become strong, independent women in the future. If your girl does not enjoy nature activities, maybe a roller-skating dance show with her favorite music will work better. Quality time of any type works best when you ask for your opinion and mix in some loving parenting moments.


Make National Daughters’ Day Special at Home

You do not have to travel or go on a lengthy outing to have a great time with your girl. Ask her what she likes best and be prepared to deliver. Consider cooking a favorite meal or dessert together or ordering take-out to share. Do a craft, watch a girl-power movie, or learn more about her favorite music or art styles.

Take some time to pass on support and guidance that every daughter should know or learn about famous women from history who made a difference. Most of all, take time to listen to her interests, thoughts, hopes, and dreams for her future.

When searching for the top fun family activities near me, consider things you may have never tried before. Roller skating or renting a canoe can offer tons of fun, opportunities to work together, and a chance to make lifelong memories.

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