Happy National Lazy Day: Permission to Get out of Work and be Lazy!

Happy National Lazy Day: Permission to Get out of Work and be Lazy!

Every August 10th, you’re asked to put your work down, kick your feet up, and embrace laziness for all its merits. National Lazy Da is a celebration of relaxation, but that doesn’t mean you can’t do anything fun or active. It’s more focused on finding the best ways to relieve stress and explore self-care ideas for a while.


Ways to Release Stress on Lazy Day

For some, lounging around and doing absolutely nothing helps alleviate daily strain and aggravation. For others, this leads to boredom that only makes things worse. There are plenty of rewarding and even fun things to do on Lazy Day that can reset your mind, recover your spirit, and deal with stress in a healthy manner.


Quiet, At-Home Activities to Try

Introverts and homebodies can embrace this holiday with all their favorite activities. Read a book or watch a lovely movie. Listen to your favorite slow songs or engage in a favorite craft. While making something isn’t technically lazy, it’s a far cry from going to work or taking care of chores all day.

Take the time to explore self-care ideas, too. Breathing exercises for anxiety are great for reducing stress. Try yoga, simple stretches, or float around in a soothing bathtub with some lavender scented candles.


Lazy and Refreshing Outdoor Options

This holiday is not the time for tough weeding in the garden, home projects, or fast-paced sports. Look for leisure activities that are more refreshing instead. Take a stroll through a botanical garden or a calm walk with your dog around the block. Head to the pool, lake, or beach for a soothing soak in the sun and water.

Although laziness is the goal of the day, recognize that some physical activity can actually help get rid of stress. Try something calm and not too strenuous. Bicycling and roller skating are amazing ideas. They both give you plenty of time to simply glide instead of working hard to get anywhere.

Head out to a local park or other natural area to enjoy lovely views and soothing nature. Strap on a comfortable pair of Nattork adult skates or sit astride your bike. Then, simply explore shady paths or pretty lanes at a nice, lazy pace. The fresh air, sunshine, and atmosphere will do you good. Not only are these great things to do this day, they can also launch a new favorite pastime that offers numerous benefits throughout the year.

Lazy Day promotes taking the whole day off, avoiding work, and just vegging out. While some may turn to their favorite movie on the couch or a book in bed, some activity works well to balance things out. Roller skating, a bike ride, a stroll in a pleasant spot, or a relaxing swim all offer wonderful self-care ideas that serve the same purpose.

Things will get back to normal soon enough with work, school, and social commitments causing stress and bother. Take one day to embrace laziness and relaxation. You’ll have a chance to refuel, rejuvenate, and just have fun.

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