How to Maintain and Care for Your Roller Skates

How to Maintain and Care for Your Roller Skates

The fun keeps rolling with adult or childrenā€™s roller skates if you maintain them properly. Not only will caring for the skates help them look their best for longer, it also contributes to safety in a big way. When you invest in a high-quality pair for you, your kids, or anyone, you want them to last as long as possible. This maintenance guide will help you get the safest fun out of your new pair of roller skates.


Keep Your Roller Skates Clean

This is the most important part of skate maintenance. Outdoor roller skate wheels, boots, and hardware can get covered with road grit, grime, and other substances every time you head out.

1.Brush off loose dirt and debris after every use

2.Scrub off the childrenā€™s roller skates after 10 uses

The PU wheels need some extra care. Both regular and light up roller skate wheels clean up well with isopropyl or rubbing alcohol swiped over the surface. Make sure everything dries completely before using them again or tucking them away in storage.


Maintain the Roller Skate Hardware

To keep things rolling smoothly and safely, the bearings, axels, and other metal moving parts under the skate boot need maintenance, too. Put a drop or two of lubricating oil directly on the bearings. If dirt or grit gets into them, blast them with a stream of water to dislodge it, dry thoroughly, and then oil them up afterward. This is especially important for outdoor roller skate wheels that are used on pavement or dirt surfaces.Ā 


Check Parts and Replace as Needed

Inspection is an important part of owning roller skates. They get a lot of action and stress on the moving parts and boots. Depending on how frequently you or your child uses them, schedule a thorough check every month or after 10 uses.

Does the boot still fit? If not, you may need a new pair of childrenā€™s roller skates in a new style. Are the wheels in good shape? If they show excess or uneven wear, replace them with a new set. Are the bearings worn or attachments loose? Replace, tighten, and consider investing in a new pair of skates for maximum safety.

Toe stops should stay relatively flat, not worn at an angle, and stay stationary. If they turn or wiggle, replace or tighten them right away. Of course, replacing the laces or straps if they wear out or no longer tighten comfortably is an easier job.


Extra Care for Light Up Roller Skate Wheels

The coolest childrenā€™s options from Nattork Roller Skates have lights that flash and glow every time they hit the pavement. Like other options, the wheels are crafted from high-resilience PU for long-lasting fun. The brilliant bulbs inside and LED elements at other points on light up roller skates add another layer of style.

Keep these clean and always inspect the skates and wheels for damage. While light up roller skates do not have complex electrical wiring that could cause shocks or other injuries, breakage can still cause issues. Follow the above maintenance plan for best results and keep having fun for as long as possible.

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