How to Measure for the Right Roller Skate Size

How to Measure for the Right Roller Skate Size

Nothing will ruin a fun day roller skating more than sore feet and uncomfortable skates. When you have a pair that fits properly, you can skate longer, have more fun, and prevent blisters and other painful issues. In order to choose the best size for you or your child, learn to measure the feet properly. This step-by-step guide will help.


How to Measure Foot Size

All you need to measure your or your child’s feet accurately is a piece of paper, a ruler, and a pencil or pen. Also, it helps to know if you have any unique features like flat or high arches, high insteps, or any podiatric issues that need extra room in a shoe or a roller skate.

Follow these steps to get an accurate foot size:

1 – Place the sheet of paper on the floor. It is best to do this on wood, tile, or other flat, solid surface rather than carpeting or sloping ground.
2 – Take off your shoes but leave on any socks you intend to wear with the roller skates. You will need room inside for them, too.
3 – Place your foot totally on the paper, stand up straight with a relaxed stance, and have someone else trace around the outline of your foot. Keep the pen or pencil pointing straight up or perpendicular to the paper and slide it around the outside of your foot without angling in or out for the most accurate size.
4 – Use a ruler or tape measure to find the maximum length of your foot. Also measure the width at the widest point.

Can you measure the size of your feet without a piece of paper? Yes. Carefully determine the length and maximum width with the ruler alone. This is a bit trickier to do on your own, so be careful not to bend, twist, or lift your foot when looking at the numbers.

How to Help Kids Find the Right Skate Size

Measuring your child’s foot is different than measuring your own. The process is much like they would experience at a retail shoe shop, only done in the comfort of your own home. Follow the same steps outlined above, but make sure they stand firm and with their feet flat on the paper for the best results. Standing still during the process helps.

Nattork Skates Are Adjustable for Maximum Comfort

We make buying the right child’s roller skate simple. Every pair has an easy adjustment button on the side. Just press it and shift the size until it supports your child’s foot but does not pinch or squeeze too tightly.

Not only does this make roller skating so much more enjoyable, it also helps kids enjoy their Nattork skates for longer. Children’s feet grow quickly, and this feature lets you maximize the fun without compromising comfort.

After following the step-by-step guide to measuring feet for roller skates, check out the size charts on each product page for more guidance. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

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