Taking Skates to the Next Level: A Guide on Changing Wheels and Toe Stops for Customized Roller Skates!

Taking Skates to the Next Level: A Guide on Changing Wheels and Toe Stops for Customized Roller Skates!

An afternoon of fun is a great present for any young person, but DIY Christmas gifts truly make an impact the whole year through. If you or a person on your list loves DIY projects related to fun activities, why not wrap up a pair of amazing Nattork roller skates and some extra wheels and toe stops, too?

It does not take much effort or in-depth knowledge to change roller skate wheels or toe stops. If you do not have the necessary tools at home, you can get them wherever roller skates are sold or at the local hardware store. A ½-inch wrench, some cleaning rags, and bearing lubricant will get your upgraded with ease.


Changing Roller Skate Wheels

Different types of skating styles require different measurements, angles, and wheel sizes. This is not as important for children’s roller skates intended for recreation only. Racers and roller derby stars have unique parts and methods. For a fun DIY upgrade project, however, these steps will get you rolling again in no time.

Remove the existing wheels. Remember the helpful saying ‘lefty loosey, righty tighty’ for wrench-turning directions. Keep the axel nuts and washers safe or dispose of them and use brand new ones that come with the new wheels.

Some do-it-yourself skate fans also remove the bearings or replace them completely. Many wheels come with them, so this is not a necessary step. If so, use a designated bearing tool and make sure everything is perfectly clean before replacing.

The time has come to put on the new wheels. Slide the axel washers back on first. Then, position the roller skate wheels on the axles with any graphics or writing facing out and forward. Hand-tighten the nuts on all the wheels first. Use your wrench to finish tightening them until they make the wheels spin just a little bit slower. You can loosen a half-turn to get them in the proper position. No matter what, make sure they are all evenly spaced on the axles so you can glide straight or turn when you want to.


Changing Roller Skate Toe Stops

Use your wrench to loosen the nut holding on the roller skate toes stops. Also remove the washer. While you have them off, give them both a good cleaning to remove old grease and grime.

Then, take out the new toe stop and thread the nut and washer onto the extended screw. The nut goes first, and the washer goes next, so it is between the nut and the roller skate. Twist these on farther than you want them to be at the end.

Finally, screw the toe stop back onto the skate, finger tighten the nut down to the desired position, and finish it up with an extra tightening from the wrench. All done!

Whether you choose DIY projects for yourself or want to give someone else the fun and excitement of DIY Christmas gifts, roller skates offer plenty of customization options. New wheels and toe stops help you create the perfect style and ride for fast, flexible, and fancy footwork on wheels.
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