Teach Your Kids to Confidently Relish Their Time on the Ice

Teach Your Kids to Confidently Relish Their Time on the Ice

The winter months cut down options for outdoor exercise and excitement, but with the right ice skating equipment, you and your kids can find new thrills to share. A magical journey awaits your kids at the local rink or a frozen-over pond or lake. You get many benefits from the activity, but some children may feel hesitant to slip and slide over the ice for the first time. These tips will help you teach them the safe and comfortable way to get started with skating and instill confidence in your little ones during this new, rewarding experience.


Focus on Safety Without Scaring the Kids

Falls will happen when your children first strap on their youth hockey skates or figure skates. If you have not hit the ice in a while, you will probably spend a bit of time off your feet, too. Keep a positive attitude and make sure they know that they can always get back up again.

Do not teach them on a crowded public rink. After investing in a pair of ice skates for sale, consider finding a smaller spot or even opting for synthetic ice for your backyard. If your area is cold enough, you can create your own tiny skating rink, too. Invest in knee and elbow pads and a kid-sized helmet for maximum safety.


First Steps to Skating Skills

The first step to fun is getting used to the feel of heavy ice skates on their feet. Make sure they are comfortable and supportive. Then, hold your kid’s hands and stand up. Stick to the rubberized flooring at the rink or softer surfaces near the outdoor location.

Get moving by marching on the ice. Stay in one place to begin with, then gradually advance to marching forward one step at a time. It can also help boost their confidence if you pull them along gently while they find their center of balance. Soon, they can turn each marching step into a short step and glide motion.

Take things slowly and encourage them every step of the way. Another important skill to demonstrate and teach is the art of getting back up when they fall. Practice falling safely. Then, get on their knees, and finally one foot after the other. They will feel much more confident when they know that they have the power to recover and try again.


Get the Coolest Ice Skating Equipment to Boost Confidence

When kids can get excited about new skates and other gear, they will think more positively about the activity. Looking and feeling cool will make them want to skate more frequently. Nattork ice skates are a great option for kids of all ages. The styles range from classic white figure skating boots to ultra-modern youth hockey skates with blue, red, and purple designs.

It’s easy to find the right ice skates for sale to instill confidence and excitement in your kids. Get a pair for yourself, too, and head out to the pond or ice skating rink for a new adventure. With care, time, and practice, you and your kids can discover a thrilling new cold-weather activity to share.

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