Nattork Skates Appears at the Auction: First Step Toward Public Welfare Donation Campaign

Nattork Skates Appears at the Auction: First Step Toward Public Welfare Donation Campaign

The Nattork company knows that roller skates offer so much to the people who wear them: fun, fitness, and togetherness with friends and family. Now, we would like to offer more to the community by sharing our first charitable donation to the Family of Christ Lutheran Church auction. Their efforts toward family support and childhood development align with our dedication to helping others in many ways.


The Charity Auction Details

On August 18, 2023, a volunteer from the church, Amber, contacted us with a request for a donation to their upcoming silent auction. After verification and conversation about the specifics, Nattork was happy to donate a pair of our top-of-the-line children’s roller skates. The auction took place on September 24 and ended on October 1. After eleven bids, the skates raised $26 for the cause.

The Lutheran church serves the youth congregation with a wide variety of beneficial programs that need sufficient funding to continue. These include everything from a high-quality daycare center for congregation members to young adult mission trips and faith-based educational conferences.

This particular silent auction event raised money for children and family ministry activities. The Family of Christ Lutheran Church dedicates their time and efforts to nurture and strengthen faith and character.


Nattork’s Dedication to Family and Community

This opportunity to donate to the Family of Christ Lutheran Church represents only our first action in a plan to support a wide variety of causes and interests in the world around us. It is part of being a responsible company in today’s world. We strive to carefully research and choose causes and funding options that mean something to us.

More importantly, Nattork Roller Skates remains dedicated to offering excellence and care with everything we do. It is so much more than designing and manufacturing top-quality skates for adults and children. These products represent many positive things that the world and individuals need more of. We support active lifestyles and physical fitness for all. We promote social activities and togetherness of quality time spent well. Going forward, we will strive to give to places like this that align with our values in the community.

Nattork welcomes contact from other charity organizations or funding opportunities who are looking for auction donations or similar things. Although we cannot help everyone, we will be happy to take an in-depth look at your cause and work with you to find the best options.

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