About Nattork

"Roll into Fun, Shine Every Step"


The most priceless thing is the smile of a child.

When we were children, our minds filled with curiosity about everything. As the years went by, regrets about the things we wanted to do but couldn’t piled up for a variety of reasons. Now, we are adults who have the power to make things different… better… for the kids, as well as bring back that spark of wonder and fun experienced as the younger versions of ourselves.

Make starting easy.

Starting anything always presents a challenge. As I reflect on the awkwardness of learning how to roller skate as a kid (I wasn’t very adept at sports!), I hope to offer today’s youth the chance to experience skating in a better way. That’s why we designed our products specifically for beginners. Once they take that first step, I believe they will navigate on their own.

Both interest and Companionship

A hobby is more than just a source of joy. I truly believe they can become lifelong companions. Your hobby is like a treasure chest of memories, brimming with the gems of your efforts and the jewels of your experiences. It’s a mosaic you meticulously built over the year as you place each piece of skill and entertainment with patience to create a masterpiece. It’s a garden you nurture, watching it bloom and thrive as you put forth dedicated effort to make it thrive.

Designs of Their Very Own

I’m constantly amazed by kids’ imagination and creativity. We would like to entrust the design to them and allow them to create something unique based on their own beliefs, interests, and tastes.