April Fool’s Day: Kid-Friendly Fun and Harmless Pranks to Share

April Fool’s Day: Kid-Friendly Fun and Harmless Pranks to Share

Hoaxes, tricks, and playful pranks happen on April Fool’s Day each year, but you may worry about how to make the event family friendly for all ages. Forget the type of thing you see online and in the news. Pranks and jokes can be fun for everyone.

Another option is to avoid playing tricks altogether and focus on the wild and silly side of things at the beginning of the month.


What Are the Best Things to Do with Kids Near Me?

Look around your neighborhood for any April Fool’s Day events or special outings. You may find a clown or acrobat show to attend, a family-friendly comedy hour, or an event sharing funny books at the library. Look up some of the best kid-focused jokes online and share them with everyone you meet.

Fun costumes can make the day bright. Consider a neon or rainbow-hued wig worn with a pair of Nattork roller skates for the perfect fool’s adventure at a nearby park. Create yarn wigs, silly paper mustaches, or other accessories if your children love crafts. Put googly eyes on everything and get a smile out of strangers.


Spark April 1st with Fool-Friendly Fun

No matter what you choose to do as a family on the first of April, make it memorable for all the right reasons. Think silly, zany, and wild! There are plenty of April Fool’s pranks you can play without scaring or offending anyone.

1 – Bake a pan of delicious brownies and tell your kids all about it. Then, when the time comes to serve the treat, present them with a tray full of brown paper letter Es instead… right before you pull out the real thing.

2 – As long as your kids don’t have insect phobias, strategically place plastic bugs or gummy worms in their food or next to them when they’re relaxing. You can even poke a hole in a piece of fruit and stick a gummy worm inside.

3 – Food pranks are fun. Remove the filling from a sandwich cookie and add something else. It could be as yummy as lemon icing or as startling as garlic butter. Make a glass of Jello complete with a straw so that when they try to sip, they can’t get anything to drink. Put a few drops of safe food coloring in their cereal bowl. When they pour the milk, everything will turn green.

4 – Fill up their room or another part of the house with colorful streamers and balloons. Everyone will get a laugh as they bat them around and help clean them up later, maybe with the help of some silly songs or a comedy movie on the TV.

No matter what you do this April Fool’s Day, think fun, active, and good-natured. Playing pranks on people that do not make them laugh too isn’t a good way to celebrate. For kids who wouldn’t like tricks, focus on activities like playtime, crafts, or roller skating with ‘foolish’ extras.

Just like the first celebrations of fools and clowns were all about entertainment and celebration, you can make this unique holiday full of fun, too. People of all ages love to laugh, and there are so many great ideas to try on April 1st this year.

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