Let’s Roll to Dance: Unique Way to Celebrate International Dance Day!

Let’s Roll to Dance: Unique Way to Celebrate International Dance Day!

On April 29 every year, the world celebrates International Dance Day. It celebrates not only the wide variety of cultural dances from different ethnicities and communities around the globe. It also invites people to get up on their feet and try out some new moves to their favorite music. It is a celebration of joy, creativity, and togetherness. This year, try something different like roller skating dance or explore the songs that truly inspire like “I Want to Dance with Somebody” from the biopic Whitney Houston movie.


What Is Roller Skating Dance?

Are you eager to try something new and amazingly fun? Grab yourself and your kids a new pair of stylish Nattork roller skates to get started. It helps to have a bit of skill on wheels first before you try any fancy dance moves. However, things do not have to get complicated or risky in order to experience the fun and fitness benefits that International Dance Day can bring.

Music always makes a roller skating adventure more fun. Skate dancing adds something more than gliding around with some songs playing in the background. It is a way of moving your feet, body, and arms to the rhythms and melodies that make all the difference.

Some just prefer to move around in a free-form dance of their own creation. You can also find many instructional videos on YouTube about steering on the quad skates, shuffle steps, crossover steps, and similar beginner moves. Most of these simply rely on having rhythm and following the beat of the song as you roll down the sidewalk or around the rink. Add in clapping, measured arm waves, and head bobs to get in the spirit of the dance.

Many of the movements mimic the types of things that ice skaters do in solo performances and as pairs. If you have enough room and a skilled partner, you can even try some ballroom dancing moves on roller skates. No matter what, the goal is to have fun and put on a great show for anyone watching. Celebrate dance in all its styles no matter your skill level or technical know-how.


International Dance Day Means a Celebration of Fun

This holiday is not about professional performances, after all. It is instead a celebration that can break barriers and let people enjoy time together to music. It all starts with your favorite songs or instrumental pieces. On roller skates, you can glide serenely to classical orchestra pieces or get jazzy with some Latin rhythms or the latest pop singles. The global focus of this special day also invites you to explore some of your family or areas unique ethnic music options.

Call all your friends and family members to have a dance party in your own backyard or driveway. You can even create dance costumes for the kids to wear and come up with a quick routine to show off for the guests and neighbors. With the added interest of roller skates, the celebration of dance and music will surely be something to remember.

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