Roller Skating Style: The Unexpected Options for Retro Fashion

Roller Skating Style: The Unexpected Options for Retro Fashion

Vintage and retro fashion is in as the summer begins, and roller-skating enthusiasts have the perfect opportunity to spice up their style. The fun pastime is nostalgic all on its own, but more people are fully embracing unique vintage clothing when enjoying other activities, too.
Do you want to go back to the 80s or pick out the perfect 90s vintage outfit? Start with a pair of Nattork adult skates. Check out these ideas that combine your love of style with your favorite activity: roller-skating!


Go Full Retro with the 80s/90s Skater Look

If you’re lucky enough to have a thrift or consignment shop near you, you may be able to find unique vintage clothing right there. Super baggy jeans are back. (If you can find authentic JNCOs, you’re ready for the 90s!) In the summer heat, you may want to opt for baggy skater shorts instead. Tiny shorts and knee socks harken back to the 70s and early 80s but is definitely a skating style you can explore. Choose bright neon colors and abstract patterns.
If your tastes tend toward the 90s instead, grunge is the way to go. Cut-off or ripped jeans, plaid flannel, and band t-shirts paired with simple black skates decorated with edgy or hippy-inspired charms work well. Ribbed knit tanks are super for summer. Tie your flannel around your hips for a flirty swish while skating. A cool, more feminine look focuses on floral babydoll dresses with a loose silhouette and flowy fabric.


Accessories Make All the Difference for Vintage Style

The key to personal style is in the details. Even the smallest changes can make a big difference to a plain outfit. Many people don’t have the luxury of changing their whole wardrobe. Roller skates on their own boost the feeling of coming from another decade. Try decorating them with unique shoelaces, charms, and chains like your parents did in years past. 
Other options depend on what decade or retro fashion you enjoy most. For the early 80s, think bright colors above all else. Great accessory choices include:
  • Tiny, moving butterfly hair clips
  • Colorful leg warmers
  • Big, fluffy scrunchies
  • Bright fanny packs
  • Bucket hats
If 90s grunge is more your thing, these accessories will help you find your signature roller-skating style: (Hint! Combat-style boots were big in these decades, so black roller skates give the perfect look to match that fashion.)
  • Silver-tone jewelry in edgy style: chains, spikes, skulls, and butterflies
  • Leather lace necklaces and bracelets
  • Tie-dye t-shirts and more new hippy aesthetics
  • Plaid accessories of all types
  • Fingerless gloves
The perfect pair of Nattork roller skates will take you far when it comes to heading back to the 80s or picking out the perfect 90s vintage outfit. For people who love retro, nothing works better than a colorful pair of skates. The pastime has existed for over a century, but those decades brought it into popularity in a big way. Bring cool back with your own pair.
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