Top 5 Ways Parents Can Have a Happy St. Patrick’s Day with Kids

Top 5 Ways Parents Can Have a Happy St. Patrick’s Day with Kids

While people with Irish heritage have their own unique ways of celebrating St. Patrick’s Day, it has become a popular holiday for family fun all across the country. Wearing green and telling stories of leprechauns and pots of gold are simple things you can do to get in the mood. These other five ways that parents like you can boost the springtime spirit on this traditional holiday can make it even better.


1 – Watch or Take Part in a Local Parade

Parades are a big deal on St. Patrick’s Day even if you live in a small town instead of a major city. This is a great opportunity to deck the whole family in St. Patrick’s apparel and walk, ride bikes, roller skate, or pilot of float with others in the community. And in some sparkling green shamrock headbands and handfuls of gold coin candy to pass out along the parade route.


2 – Get Out and Enjoy the Green of Spring

Once March 17 throws around, there may be hints of green in the fields and forests near your home. Spring is coming, the weather is warming up, and the holiday provides a perfect opportunity to get out and explore. If you are lucky, you may even spot a rainbow that can bring to mind the classic tales of gold treasure. Some great ways to explore include hiking, bike rides, and Nattork roller skates. In fact, nothing is more fun than strapping on a pair with the family and gliding down the paths and sidewalks in your town to see St. Patrick’s Day decorations and the beauty of nature.


3 – Create a Rainbow and Shamrock Crafts

There are so many different St. Patrick’s Day crafts you and your family can enjoy together. Get some paint and create a large rainbow to display on your wall. Cut out green construction paper shamrocks and dangle them on strings for an Irish-seemed mobile. Also consider creating St. Patrick’s apparel like green leprechaun top hats and lucky four-leaf clover necklaces or pins.


4 – Stock Up on St. Patrick’s Day Party Supplies

The local party store sure to have lots of Irish-themed decorations to put around your house and out in the yard for the special holiday. Whether you simply spend time with the family or get together with friends and neighbors, you can combine the style with green food or classic Irish dishes. Learn how to make corned beef and cabbage, shepherd’s pie, and delicious soda bread. While many adults focus on drinking beer, there are plenty of kid-friendly treats to enjoy, too.


5 – Learn About Irish Culture

Everyone wishes each other a happy St. Patrick’s Day, but not many do not know any details about why the holiday exists or the Irish culture behind it. This is a perfect opportunity to teach your children about Ireland and the legends of St. Patrick. Read some folklore or watch a family friendly movie. Listen to music featuring the bodhran and fiddle. Try out some Irish dancing and learn a few simple words and phrases in the language.

There are many ways for parents to help their kids celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with fun, education, and activity. From Irish stew to roller skates, rainbows and pots of gold to Celtic art, make this year’s March holiday one to remember.

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