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Nattork Ice Figure Skates-White

Nattork Ice Figure Skates-White

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  • COOLMAX Professional Fiber materials offer exceptional softness and breathability
  • Easy to sharpen and resistant to bending, enabling smooth and steady ice sliding
  • Robust steel protection enhances control and support over the skates.
  • Careful manufacturing processes prioritize safety, ensuring a secure and comfortable fit.·
  • Enjoy hours of skating with a perfect mix of fit, performance, and warmth.

Experience unparalleled comfort and performance with Nattork ice figure skates. Crafted from COOLMAX Professional Fiber materials, these skates offer an incredibly soft and breathable feel, ensuring superior moisture treatment on a permanent basis. The outer surface, made of PU leather and Eco-friendly PVC, is not only cold-proof but also resistant to cracking, providing durability and longevity.

The stainless steel blades of Nattork deliver exceptional durability and edge retention. Easily sharpened and resistant to bending, these blades allow you to slide smoothly and steadily on the ice, enhancing your overall skating experience.

With a focus on safety, the reinforced ankle support of Nattork skates features robust steel protection, providing enhanced control and stability. Properly supported ankles significantly reduce the risk of injuries, especially during challenging falls, ensuring a safe and enjoyable skating adventure.

Safety and comfort are further ensured through meticulous design details. Six flowering rivets and four self-tapping screws are tightly secured to the figure skate sole leather, ensuring a secure fit. Careful manufacturing processes prioritize your well-being, keeping you safe on the ice.

Nattork ice figure skates seamlessly marry performance with design, making them the ideal recreational skate for both intermediate and beginner ice skaters. The perfect mix of fit, performance, and warmth ensures that you can enjoy hours of skating with confidence and style.

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Haoran Huang

The shipping is absolutely terrible, for me it took 17 business days to be delivered and when I contacted customer service they declined my call and kept putting me on hold. Order couldn’t be canceled.